Piano classes By Avinash Gaur


After years of travelling the world and gaining valuable experience, Avinash Gaur returned to Tarang Music and Dance Academy as an educator determined to pass on valuable knowledge and skills to our lucky students. He has done more than 9 concerts, 50 shows, 43 performances, 4 times national representative, choreographed 3 national competitions and over 24 performances, 3 time Delhi Culture representative, win over 10 competitions and International under 16 - 10th ranker pianist.
Mr. Avinash Gaur
Kathak classes in Delhi


Since joining our team a few years ago, Tarana Aggarwal has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as Kathak and Theater faculty. An inspiration for both students and faculty alike, Tarana Aggarwal is one of our most beloved teachers.

Recruited national design talent and successfully built an award-winning team, growing from 2 to 20 within two years with students from all over the world (i.e. London, New York, Japan, etc.)
Ms. Tarana Aggarwal
Tabla classes in Delhi

Kathak Maestro

An experienced and dynamic artistic director with a strong passion for kathak, theater, film and the arts. He has trained Foreign Ministry students and students from all over the world (i.e. Bangladesh, Russia, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Ukrain, etc.) A 3 times National Scholar from Govt. of India and international performer (Sweden, Germany, Bangkok, etc,), has representated Delhi and India with Pt. Birju Maharaj Ji and Kumudini Lakhiya, ICCR scholarship holder, and many more. He has acted character role for over 20 years with Pt. Birju Mahraj Ji, Munna Lal Shukla, Shovana Narayan, etc.
Mr. R. K. Sharma
Singing classes in Delhi

Vocals / Tabla

An undoubted gem that anyone can proud of, Sumanta Chakrraborty has fresh perspective and teaching approach. With 30 years of teaching experience and expertise in the field of North Indian Classical Vocals and Tabla, he has performed in many prestigious musical events in India. The control over his voice and mastery in murkhi makes him remarkable. He is known for his funny approach towards students with calmness and details of classical vocals.
Mr. Sumanta Chakraborty
Guitar classes in Delhi


The courses taught by Sidhanth Gupta are known for being both popular and memorable. Every class taught by Sidhanth Gupta is not only demanding, but also provides great lessons for students to apply in their professional and personal lives.Known by High Furtados and lead guitarist of Crayon, has done his grades from Rock School of Music (London).
Mr. Sidhanth Gupta
Guitar classes in Delhi

Western Dance

Influencing the thoughts and actions of his students, Ashwin Anand always go through his creativity and thinking as a lasting contributor to the progress. An energetic zeal and wavy body makes him motivation for his students. 
Mr. Ashwin Anand
Piano classes in Delhi

Fine Arts

By gaining the requisite skills and applying them to their work, Harshita Sharma brought her experience to help our students to grow in the field of Art. Through basics of fine arts - sketching, calligraphy, painting to oil painting, charcoal painting till advance course of artistic work - wall art, canvas, etc she's always able to put through all the age groups with a lovely harmonized nature of her.
Ms. Harshita Sharma